The Meaning of #Om.

A century ago, the German scholar Max Müller, ( M. Müller, Three Lectures on the Vedânta Philosophy, London: Longmans, Green, and Co., 1894) who introduced the Indian Scriptures to the west, had the idea that om might be a contraction of the word avam, “a prehistoric pronominal stem, pointing to distant objects, while ayam pointed … More The Meaning of #Om.

Modernised Regression of ‘El Orfanato’

“Seeing is not believing. It’s the other way. ” Get ready to be revered by the benighted path of darkness and frenzied mental perturbation before entering The orphanage, 2007. The movie unwinds with tween ‘Laura’, the kernel of the plot, playing the curator in the game of ‘statues’ with 5 of her other friends in … More Modernised Regression of ‘El Orfanato’