All praises to the ‘Almighty’!

#எல்லா புகழும் இறைவனுக்கே.! 
Never could we envisage a world without Music. Never could one empathise the fathom of silence without cognising the truth of sound. When the world witnessed a blossomed #Roja , no one thought they would be kayoed by the Magic it created and the future the it was gonna attest to the … More All praises to the ‘Almighty’!

Sentinel of Simplicity

I’m a Random and juvenile person wrt the India’s Billion and chennai’s million population, but crusader and a simple being in context of the nature and human life. My cerebration, slant, recital, perspective, persuasion, vox populi about my surroundings has been digitally posted consistently thru my puerile tweets (, blog posts (, picture Uploads (Instagram … More Sentinel of Simplicity