The Lament Rhyme

Come, as I am having sleepless night in the inner fear.
The nights are dry and there is solitude all around here.
Without you, the moonlit is dim and damper
The sunshine,a satiric farce.

Fighting the whole world with you and my caution
Now brutal to see me fight with u without any option.
Without you, gold looks no-whim and copper,
Diamonds, a mere bronze.

I felt the cool breeze through the winter, summer and the early,
Don’t go, as there will be no joy in the autumn and the rainy,
Without you, the nights are tasteless my beloved.
The silence or the Punkah terrors me in the bed.

You took the letters from my poem mirroring a widower,
Separating the honey from the recherché flower,
Without you, the above verse and sonnet are lament,
The mere thought of lack of you makes me ferment.

11.58pm #26Feb14


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